Pravin Rathore

Festival Convener
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Nitin Vijay

Head,Corporate Relations
Nairit Banerjee

Head,Public Relations
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The CR system of Effervescence,IIIT Allahabad plays an integral part in its growth and promotions. It serves as a platform for binding Effervescence with the students across the country as well as imbibing their culture in our festival. It provides an opportunity to college students across the nation to stand out from multitude of people by being our voice in their respective colleges and thereby significantly bridging the gap between the two. So do register ,by associating with us as College Ambassadors and thereby moulding this edition of Effervescence bigger and glorious than ever before.

It is only the Campus Ambassadors who are responsible to refer other CA to the team Effervescence.Encourage and motivate the people around to register and to show active participation in the EFFE events.

Promoting Effervescence,IIIT Allahabad on various other social platforms like Twitter,Instagram and even various Facebook and Whatsapp groups.

The CAs are expected to coordinate with the EFFE team and help us conduct the multicity program in your city(if selected) along with managing public relations with Effervescence.

Be an integral part of Effervescence by contributing in ideating events ,genres and artist.

Be a part of one of the greatest fests .

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